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We are the Conference Company and proud of our reputation: to exceed our client's expectations on every occasion.

We organise conferences, incentive trips, events and ceremonies at locations across the world. We work with suppliers with whom we have established long-term relationships. Our standards are set very high: this guarantees the selection of the most professional services. We work in different languages and places. We know about cultures and expectations. Our expertise inspires complete confidence. We make people feel at home.

Exhibition and International Prize Giving in Neuss-Düsseldorf

How to organize an exclusive celebration for winners of an international competition with winners coming mainly from Europe?

Team Building activity during a Sales & Marketing Conference

Motivate a team of 180 sales and managers in a three hours programme

Symposium, St Paul de Vence

Suggest a venue in the South of France, not too extravagant, for 45 doctors coming from Belgium for a 3 day conference. The Client asked us to provide a tailor made team building activity to allow the participants to meet on a more casual basis.

Customer Event, Barcelona

A paper company called on us to propose an original reward for a customer contest. Our suggestion for the winning prize: a full day at the Catalunya Circuit during the Formula one Trials and social programme in a deluxe centrally located hotel in Barcelona.

Awards Ceremony, Prague, Czech Republic

How to impress 200 printers and spouses, the best in their respective categories, invited to attend the annual Printer of the Year Awards Ceremony?

Lyreco office supplies International Conference, Budapest

Gather in a positive environment the international sales force, some privileged guests and managers for the annual meeting, international convention. The three nights stay program should include a good balance of intense meeting sessions and relaxing social program.

Annual convention of UCB

Gathering the sales force in cosy environment not too far from Belgium to launch a new product.

First Procurement Meeting for AMCOR after acquisition of ALCAN

Bring together employees from 2 companies in the packaging industry, coming from different cultures (Australian & French), originally competitors and who became after a merge part of the same entity.

Customer Event in Istanbul – 50 customers of the company GEA

Combine the visit of a factory with the discovery of the city in only 3 days and with one goal: the French sales team of GEA had to reinforce their relationship with their customers in a foreign city.

Factory Inauguration

A one day inauguration of the Basell PB-1 Plant with 350 guests coming from all over the world: customers, press and ministers.

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