Hello, I am Michelle Shenhav,

I founded the Conference Company in 1994 as a full-service licensed travel agency specialized in the organization & management of international events. Since then, we have built a firm reputation for success, creativity, excellence, precision, personal approach and dedication. Every event, big or intimate, local or international, is special. Our clients always come back. And we are proud of it.

How do we do it?

We are passionate about our work. We have a love for detail, we have positive energy and we have style. Also, we strongly believe that the success of every project lies in our deep involvement, in our relationship with our clients, based upon trust and respect, in our commitment to quality.

So first we listen:

What do you want to achieve? How do you want the participants to interact?

As soon as we fully understand your needs, we go out and tailor your event. From that moment on, it's all about detail and precision. And all the while, making sure we stay within your given budget. We take pride in our financial management: saving you money is part of our mission.

Events are a team effort. Much of our success is the result of our dedicated multilingual team, trained to provide fast creative solutions, working in close relationship, almost as an extension of the client’s team and in a genuinely friendly atmosphere. This is our ultimate secret of success: we enjoy doing business with you.

Read our case studies and feel inspired...

Hello, I am Michelle Shenhav,

"It is only when the participants feel at home, wherever they are, and really taken care of, that the event is a success. The more positive energy you can give to boost people, the best return you get."

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