Sales & Marketing Conference, Brussels


For an intense meeting where management meets their sales and marketing force, find the perfect venue:
For 120 delegates coming from all over Europe, accessible, centrally-located, high standards and offering multiple meeting rooms. The venue also needed to provide the setting for a relaxing evening programme which would follow 2 intensive working days and a tailor made team-building programme.


The group stayed at the Château du Lac in Genval, Belgium and all hotel meeting facilities were used by the group.

The opening dinner was a Belgian theme party with waiters dressed in TinTin outfits, Jazz music and a singer entertaining the audience.

Team building was centered around wine. How to make your own wine, label it, market it. The group was split into teams and each team had to find creative solutions for a product.


Perfect ambience and social programme for the delegates enabling them to relax after long and demanding working days. Fruitful interaction between management and team members was achieved.

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