Lyreco office supplies International Conference, Budapest


Gather in a positive environment the international sales force, some privileged guests and managers for the annual meeting, international convention. The three nights stay program should include a good balance of intense meeting sessions and relaxing social program.


The Marriott Hotel of Pest was an ideal setting offering an amazing view over the Danube.
The first evening was held at the Hotel with a standing get together buffet. On day two, the guests crossed the street to embark on a boat for an awards dinner cruise. Simply amazing!
The group enjoyed their last night in a trendy-place-to-be restaurant of Buda up the hill and overlooking the city.
As a team building, Lyreco team was put together to solve Mission Impossible

Split in teams every task was a real challenge stressed by time constraint

From driving a Trabant car to solving riddles the game ended with an exciting Lyreco Market and auction: all the teams had to exchange the Lyreco products with the items they would manage to get from the street people.
Back at the Hotel the teams presented their selection.
The teams had to vote or bid for the most valuable selection with their tokens.
The most tokens the best...


A program in crescendo allowing the guests to get together in a nice environment and discover a very attractive city in a fun way.
The Mission Impossible was the best way to enhance the Lyreco team spirit. The dinner cruise over the Danube was a highlight.

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Dear Michelle,

I would like to thank you for your great support and consistent attention to the details in making Lyreco’s 10th year International Convention unique!

Le voyage était très bien organisé et Michelle était très vigilante à toutes les étapes du déroulement.
Les prestations haut de gamme ont beaucoup impressionné les clients et je pense que nous ...

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