Incentive Trip, Lapland


To come up with a 5 day incentive trip offering an original combination of pure nature together with a city full of many attractions and places of interest, for 15 participants flying out of Brussels and already well travelled.


Attracted by the originality of Lapland, we created a programme based in the Norwegian part, as Finmark offers a real exclusive and adventurous atmosphere.

The first surprise is a private jet transferring them from Oslo to Alta.

Upon arrival at the first hotel, participants were distributed winter equipment useful for the snowmobile safari and dog-sledging experience.

Not to be missed: the Sami population. Participants met with a community that settled about 4000 years ago in the north of the Scandinavian Peninsula, discovered their way of life, watched the famous Northern Lights, and enjoyed some ice sculpting and ice fishing, lunch around bonfire.

Last but not least, overnight in the Alta Igloo Hotel in a cozy sleeping bag.

After 2 days in the snow, time to discover the very lively city of Oslo, staying overnight in the prestigious Holmenkollen Park Hotel, a fairy-tale building in dragon style located 350m above the city centre and next to the impressive ski-jump.


A perfect combination of nature at its most basic and most absorbing together with a buzzing city full of life and discovery. A destination still on the agenda of most well travelled people.

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