Factory Inauguration


A one day inauguration of the Basell PB-1 Plant with 350 guests coming from all over the world: customers, press and ministers


The day before the launch, we held 2 events in parallel:

For the customers arriving in Brussels: welcome at airport and train station. Details of the programme were waiting for them at Hotel Sofitel. Our multilingual team hosted an evening at Library Solvay with private concert and luxurious dinner.

For the press arriving in Bergem op Zoon: press conference and tailor made programme led by separate team dedicated only to them.

Day of the launch: coordination of the departure of both groups for the plant located in Moerdijk (The Netherlands) and retro-planning of all transfers for after the event: luggage ticketing, road signage, routing, etc…

Welcome coffee and meeting sessions held in a personalised multifunctional marquee especially designed for the occasion: sharp technique, detailed lighting, plasma screens.

A splendid buffet lunch of international cuisine was followed by a visit of the plant.

Special effects conceptualised by The Conference Company accompanied the ribbon cutting ceremony and official opening of the plant.

We took care of all complex logistics respecting difficult factory procedures.


Perfect timing and coordination so that no-one felt the complexity of the organisation behind the event. Every second ran smoothly and guests felt welcomed, taken care of and inspired. Scenario and timing were of utmost importance - this ran perfectly due to up to the minute on-site supervision.

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