Customer Event in Istanbul – 50 customers of the company GEA


Combine the visit of a factory with the discovery of the city in only 3 days and with one goal: the French sales team of GEA had to reinforce their relationship with their customers in a foreign city.


Upon arrival in Istanbul the participants were driven in the city centre where a strolling vendor offered them coffee and local delicacies while their luggage was brought into their hotel rooms.
The first night the group enjoyed a fabulous Kebab dinner in a very modern setting.
The visit of the factory the second day was followed by a fish lunch by the Marina.
The closing dinner was held in a spectacular place with view over Istanbul and refined dishes.
A boat took the guests to the airport enabling them to enjoy some relaxing time on board with a nice lunch. A very original way to leave a city...


The French guests enjoyed the selection of the hotel that was very centrally located and appreciated the refined restaurants that were at all not touristic.
The boat trip to the airport was the highlight of the programme!
The lunch by the water after the visit of the factory created a very nice ambiance.

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Bonjour Michèle,
Tu es incroyable ! Tu aurais pu faire un "copier coller" du dernier voyage, ce qui aurait été très bien ; et non tu as encore amélioré le programme, nous fait découvrir de ...

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