Annual convention of UCB


Gathering the sales force in cosy environment not too far from Belgium to launch a new product.


The whole week took place at La Butte aux Bois offering all the comfort and excellent meeting facilities.
For the first dinner, dinner took place in a very cosy Italian restaurant where the French and Flemish speaking delegates met.

After a morning meeting session and without knowing anything of the activity the group was initiated to Fencing, a sport of attack, defense, action and reaction.

Professional instructors taught the basics of the sport and after a short ‘theoretic’ introduction, the group experienced how difficult but fun this beautiful sport really is.

At the grand finale, the guests played a real tournament with an electric measurement system.
Gastronomic dinners were held at the Hotel and ended with a dancing evening animated by a DJ.


The exclusive character in combination with the sensation of fencing really pleased everyone.
The selection of the Venue set in a beautiful surroundings as well as the originality of the team building programme were a big hit.

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