Exhibition and International Prize Giving in Neuss-Düsseldorf


How to organize an exclusive celebration for winners of an International competition with winners coming mainly from Europe?


As most of the winners came from Germany, The Conference Company suggested the Langen Foundation in Neuss, a glass building surrounded by water located at 20 minutes from Düsseldorf. The very modern setting of the Museum fully matched the creative work of each category exhibited.

Two close up artists entertained the audience while tasting a refined flying buffet. A jazz band welcome the guests and played during lunch time. Professional technicians alternate videos to highlight every moment on stage.
The Chief Executive Officer who came especially from South Africa for the occasion honored each winner’s work with a tailor made cast-bronze elephant trophy.

The ceremony took place on a catwalk, all painted in white. A saxophone player announced each winner on stage.


The originality of the proposed Venue, the comfortable time frame between 1 pm and 3 pm and the set up on a catwalk were ideal for an effective, classy but casual get-together Ceremony.

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